Although the gods of Loressea are many there are only 8 greater gods as detailed below.

Pleitar – LG – Light – Honour, Truth, Justice
Sarnus – NG – Nature – Cycles, Harmony, Tranquility
Neylan – CG – Life – Birth, Vitality, Youth
Ombill – LN – Knowledge – Magic, Time, Laws
Vahrg – CN – Tempest – Storms, Rebellion, Vengeance
Tyzix – LE – Death – Undead, Necromancy, Liches
Kursh – NE – War – Courage, Battles, Strength
Melphat – CE – Trickery – Deception, Tyranny, Slavery

There are countless lesser deities, each subservient to a greater deity. Unlike their superiors, these lesser deities usually only have one or at most 2 portfolios they are responsible for. These portfolios are tacked onto their master’s Domain, and it is this domain that grants the lesser deity power.

For example, Tiax the lesser deity has the portfolio of Madness. This portfolio draws its power from the Trickery domain, so Tiax is subservient to Melphat. Tiax can, and most likely will, have different personality traits to Melphat.


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