Originating in Antis the guilds began as a way of regulating the various groups within the city while easing the strain of rule, but have since expanded to many nearby nations. Within Antis guild membership isn’t mandatory but without it you will struggle to perform your trade and earn much coin. Visitors are ‘encouraged’ to join when they first visit but aren’t forced to, instead they find they make less money trading or are entirely passed over in favour of a guild member.

Merchants Lodges – oversees the various markets and trading institutions in Antis and beyond. Traders are required to attend a lodge meeting once a month to share trading tips. Trading without membership will seriously harm your profit margin if you can trade at all.

Flotilla of Freemen – regulates the sailors and other crew that are for hire. Not all ships used guild crews but they are among the best crews around and also highly unlikely to mutiny.

Treasuers – responsible for the safe keeping of funds and items. The guild has a standing bounty of 100,000 coins for anyone who can prove they robbed one of the banks. This bounty has never been claimed.

Mercenaries Guild – From common street thugs to expert swordsmen, this guild regulates the hiring of muscle.

Order of Arcanists – In order to limit the one vector for attack in Antis, spellcasters are required by law to register with the Order. They have teams of their own spellcasters dedicated to tracking down rogue spellcasters and making them pay, one way or another.

Pioneers Society – With so many ancient ruins and unexplored regions to lay claim to, this group was established to reduce disputes between explorers and help fund expeditions.

Adventurers Guild – While some see this as an easy means to get a quick job, experienced adventurers know that to operate without guild membership will quickly get them cut off from the most lucrative jobs and leave them staring into a pint of ale in a tavern for weeks on end.


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