The city-state of Antis is one of the most famous ports in all of Loressea. One of the oldest surviving nations in the world, Antis rises from the Wild Gulf sea in the form of a colossal ziggurat upon an island, connected to the mainland by a massive stone bridge. Each level of its stepped sides are crammed with shops, temples, markets and abodes. The walls and island itself are hewn with tunnels and caves and are crammed with even more structures and people. To say the bustling city teems with life is an understatement.

Due to its design the city is all but impossible to attack. This has allowed it to focus on trade where it has flourished into aprosperous and famous trading port – its docks bristling with ships and goods from around the world. The only trade not carried out by sea is that of foodstuffs grown by the farms on the mainland via the bridge, which has its own defences in the form of a keep and several curtain walls to protect Antis and its farmlands from attack.

Every day heralds the arrival of another trade convoy to Antis and it is upon one of these vessels that our adventurers arrive. Each for their own reasons they have been drawn here. It is said that if you seek something badly enough then Antis holds it, for the right price…

Limited Dominion

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