The world of Loressea has existed for countless eons as evidenced by the numerous ancient ruins scattered across the lands. Whilst written historical records date back several millennia older history is largely oral and so less reliable.

What is known is that after the Age of Falling Stars the humanoid races rose to prominence. The wise Elves, sturdy Dwarves and the adaptable Humans. Although there have been occasional conflicts between these races they have never turned into full blown wars and the three races worked as allies in the founding of modern civilizations.

In later years the Gnomes and Halflings were encountered and have since joined the founding three. Other races are known to exist but have kept to themselves and not mingled – the dark Elves, deep Gnomes, Dragonborn, Aarakocra and Goliaths have their own civilizations. Meanwhile the Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Tieflings, Aasimar, Genasi are the product of mixedl breeding and reside with one or other of their parents. Rumours abound of more exotic races being sighted but these are yet to be verified.

Monstrous races bred in the dark corners of the world and before long the humanoid races came into conflict with them. Goblinoids, kobolds and other tribes would raid smaller settlements while Orcs and the more powerful monsters would raze entire regions unless stopped by force of arms. More powerful entities lurked hidden – long forgotten ruins, dungeons and other places long since untouched by the humanoid races began to swell with their numbers. Occasionally a powerful nation would send forth armies or small contingents of powerful warriors to deal with these threats, but more often than not they were left to work their evil ways.

This status quo was to change forever when the Crusades occurred. While the Elves had some mastery over magic before now, the gods began to answer mortals’ prayers and there was a great resurgence in faith in the gods. Agents of the divine began to rally people to their banners and before long there crusades against various targets – be they evil monstrous races or even followers of rival gods. This continued for centuries and as the bloodshed stained the very ground of Loressea and as the people became wearier of this constant conflict it seemed that the forces of evil were becoming even more powerful.

The time known as the Crusades officially ended with the period known as the Age of Omission. From the this event came birth of the city-state of Antis

To this day Antis has been ruled by the descendants of those mythical adventurers that founded it. The laws are strict but fair and hard work is rewarded by a good life. As a means of aiding their control, the rulers of Antis have allowed the establishment of Guilds which have grown into powerful entities in their own right, their influence extending well beyond Antis.

Both the gods and the forces of evil have been quieter in recent times, leading many historians to speculate that the immense creature was possibly a god itself or otherwise something that was upsetting the cosmic balance. The days of fervent religious beliefs are largely gone and now most cities have a temple to each of the major gods, though this varies depending on the racial make up and the nation the city is located in.

Most periods of history are named retrospectively but some are starting to label this one as the Age of Peace


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