Age of Omission

For some this time marked the end of their families, cities and countries while for others this was seen as a fresh slate, a new beginning. Either way the Age of Omission was a terrible time. While there are various accounts of many of them conflict in the details and so all that is known for certain is as follows.

At first settlements went quiet, their parent cities losing all contact with them. Before long cities started going silent too. When investigators were sent they found annihilation – structures razed to the ground, bodies pulped into the ground or dismembered and strewn about the place.

After scores of cities were destroyed a group of adventurers came together and vowed to do all in their power to stop this menace. They heralded from a diverse set of backgrounds and featured among their number peoples from all the civilized races. Using their resources and skills they were able to track the events and figure out that although it seemed to be random at first they were actually following a route. After extensive research they devised a plan.

There are no records of their exact deeds in accomplishing this, but it is known that many of the adventurers perished. Those that survived were rewarded greatly by the many nations of the world and using their new-found wealth and respect they established an outpost. Before long people were flocking to the outpost and it became a town, then a city and then a metropolis. Using the rapid influx of citizens needing support the adventurers began to pay their new wards for manual labour expanding the city. Although it took centuries of hard work and the adventurers from shorter lived races passed away, leaving their children in their stead, the work shaped the city into what would become Antis.

Age of Omission

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